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Sunlight and Shadows: A Josefina Classic Volume 1

by Valerie Tripp

Josefina’s® first three books—now combined into one volume—tell how she’s hopeful to hold on to family traditions but loves learning new things, too! A special surprise brings a lot of newness to the rancho, including learning how to read, play the piano, and weave. But how will these new skills help her family—and keep memories of Mamá close? Then, Josefina is grateful for a new idea that helps save their ranch after a devastating flood. But as Christmas approaches, Josefina is thinking a lot about the comfort of treasured traditions. Discover which traditions help make this Christmas really wonderful for Josefina.

Paperback: 208 pages
5.12" W x 7.62" H x 0.5" D
Ages 8 and up
Available in August
Book Format
PB 9781609585525 $9.99
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