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Song of the Mockingbird: My Journey with Josefina

by Emma Carlson Berne

What if you suddenly found yourself in Josefina’s® world in New Mexico in 1824? What activities might you do on the rancho, what dreams might you have, and what would you do for fun? In this story, you can join Josefina on adventures that take the two of you from spending cozy evenings on the rancho to coming face-to-face with a mountain lion to visiting the lively market in the city of Santa Fe! Your journey back in time can take whatever twists and turns you choose, as you select from a variety of exciting options in this multiple-ending story.

Paperback: 208 pages
5.1" W x 7.6" H x 0.6" D
Ages 8 and up
Book Format
PB 9781609589882 $9.99