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Smart Girl’s Guide: Crushes

by Nancy Holyoke

Whether parents like it or not, romance is a part of girls’ everyday lives. They see it in the media and hear about it from their friends and older family members. They may be having feelings they’re not even sure how to define. It’s all very exciting, but also very confusing for girls. This book helps answer all the questions popping up in her head: How can you tell if a person likes you? How do you tell someone you like them? What if you haven’t had a crush yet? And, ugh, what about rejection? It includes tips and quizzes, plus age-appropriate and honest advice on navigating social situations and, most importantly, staying true to herself through any relationship.

112 pages
5.5" W x 9.5" H
Ages 10 and up
Book Format
Paperback 9781683371656 $12.99