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The Sound of Applause: Rebecca Book 1 (Abridged)

by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

Illustrations by Robert Hunt, Mike Heath and David Roth; Vignettes by Susan McAliley

Rebecca Rubin was born for the stage. If only her very traditional family understood this! When her cousin Ana’s family needs money to leave Russia, Rebecca puts on a sidewalk show, but all she earns is a scolding. Once Ana arrives in New York, Rebecca shares her room and her clothes and helps her cousin learn English. But when Ana is assigned to sing with her in a school program, Rebecca’s heart sinks. Ana’s Russian accent will ruin the show! Rebecca realizes her performance is one thing she does not want to share with her cousin. But how can she explain that to Ana?

128 pages
5.2" W x 7.6" H
Ages 8+
Book Format
PB 9781683371441 $7.99