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A Smart Girl’s Guide: Cooking: How to Make Food for Your Friends, Your Family & Yourself

by Darcie Johnston / Patricia Daniels

Cooking really is awesome—and this book helps girls find that out for themselves. They’ll discover how cool it is to take ingredients and combine them in a special way to make something totally different—and delicious! Plus, they’ll experience the satisfaction and fun of sharing their tasty creations with family and friends. Girls can think of this book as their first step toward developing their culinary skills. They’ll learn the basics like chopping, mixing, and blending; then they’ll practice those skills with some classic recipes. But that’s not all. Cooking is also about presentation and making things look appetizing. This book includes tips and suggestions for pretty presentations, and instructions on planning a complete meal, too. So give a girl an apron, plop on a chef’s hat, hand her this book, and let her get cooking!

.5" W x 5.5" L x 9.5" H
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PB 9781609587369 $12.99
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