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Kira Down Under

by Erin Teagan

In the first book in her series, Kira Bailey is living her dream: Cuddling koalas and bottle-feeding baby kangaroos. Kira and her mom are spending the summer at a wildlife sanctuary in Australia helping her aunt Mamie, a veterinarian, care for the animals. When Kira falls in love with an orphaned koala joey, her joy is complete—until a health emergency pulls Aunt Mamie away. Suddenly Kira can’t seem to do anything right. She’s put the wombats and her beloved koala joey in danger, and now her new friend Alexis won’t talk to her. Can Kira find a way to catch a roving predator—along with a few wayward wombats—and earn back everyone’s trust? This book is richly illustrated in full color.

144 pages
5.2” W x 7.6” H
Ages 8+
Available in Dec. 26, 2020
Book Format
PB 9781683371717 $7.99
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