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Julie Takes a Stand: Julie Book 2 (Abridged)

by Megan McDonald

Cover image by Mike Heath and David Roth; Illustrations by Mike Heath and Chris Hynes; Vignettes by Daniel Crisp, Robert Hunt, and Susan McAliley

It’s 1976 and the entire country is celebrating America’s 200th birthday, including Julie! She can’t wait to camp in a horse-drawn wagon for the Bicentennial, but pioneer life turns out to be a lot harder than she expected. Back in school, Julie looks to make some history herself after she lands in detention for helping a friend, and decides to run for student body president to make some much-needed changes. But as the election heats up, Julie’s on the brink of dropping out. It’s her big chance to prove that one girl can change the system—but does she have the nerve?

128 pages
5.2" W x 7.6" H
Ages 8+
Book Format
PB 9781683371335 $7.99