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Courtney Changes the Game

by Kellen Hertz

Cover by Blake Morrow Spot art by Kelley McMorris Courtney Moore is the best gamer at the arcade. But she can’t understand why there aren’t more girl characters. When Courtney imagines her own video game, the hero is a girl who knows how to handle any situation. If only I was like that in real life, Courtney wishes. Her dad’s moving for a job, so Courtney won’t be living with him on the weekends anymore. That’s causing a big problem with her stepsister, who doesn’t like sharing a room with Courtney—or her guinea pig. When her mom announces that she’s running for mayor, Courtney’s blended family has to learn to work together differently. It’s a whole new game for Courtney, and she’s figuring out the rules as she goes.

Teacher’s Guide – Courtney Changes The Game

120 pages
5.2" W x 7.6" H
Book Format
PB 9781683371694 $7.99