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A Heart Full of Hope: Addy Book 2 (Abridged)

by Connie Porter

illustrated by Michael Dwornik, Juliana Kolesova, Blake Morrow, Chris Hynes, Geri Strigenz Bourget, Renée Graef, Luann Roberts, Melodye Rosales, Dahl Taylor, and Jane S. Varda

Having Poppa home fills Addy’s heart with happiness, and moving to a boarding house brings a new special friend–one who encourages Addy to always stay hopeful for the future. Then Addy enjoys the victory of having her idea chosen for a fair fundraiser, where a friendship is born, and the answer to a riddle brings a wonderful surprise. But will the rest of Addy’s family be reunited before the New Year? The second book in Addy’s stories is richly illustrated in full color and includes a peek into Addy’s world in 1864.

Paperback: 128 pages
5.2" W x 7.6" H
Ages 8 and up
Book Format
PB 9781683371618 $7.99