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A Girl’s Best Friend
A Girl's Best Friend

A Girl’s Best Friend

by Catherine Stine

Girls are able to select their own endings in this interactive story that takes place on the campus of Innerstar University™! Readers can imagine themselves as the main character, a girl who volunteers at a pet daycare center on campus. She loves caring for animals and knows they depend on her. But when she fears one of the pets is in danger, what lengths will she go to in order to protect him? And can she trust her friends to keep her secret, no matter what? With more than 20 different endings, girls will enjoy this book again and again to see how different decisions change the story. Plus, each book comes with a secret access code to unlock additional endings online!

Please note: Hardcover book does not include the visitor access to, but does include the online endings.

Paperback: 120 pages
5.13" W x 7.63" H x .38" D
Ages 8 and up
Book Format
PB 9781593697594 $8.95