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Two fresh Smart Girl’s Guides debut this summer—one gives girls advice on how to navigate strong feelings of attraction for someone; the other offers girls ideas on how to impact the world around them in a positive way!

Joss Kendrick, the 2020 Girl of the Year, is still flying high on her surfboard. But is there another way for Joss to soar—like on the cheer team? If she doesn’t try something new, Joss may never know.

Explore all the ways to encourage growth and imagination! Our series of Smart Girl’s Guides can help anyone build confidence, create healthful habits, and develop strong, lasting relationships. Girls can page through our doll-play books for dozens of options to enjoy hands-on fun, from earthbound activities to ones in outer space. Plus, browse our selection of puzzles, quizzes, and kits that give girls the chance to discover and express what’s best inside themselves.