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Samantha Parkington—Stories from the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Samantha is a bright, compassionate, generous girl being raised by her wealthy grandmother in 1904, during a time of great change. Samantha’s world is filled with frills and finery, parties and play. But Samantha sees that times are not good for everybody. That’s why she tries to make a difference in the life of her friend Nellie, a servant girl whose world is nothing like Samantha’s.
NEW! Manners and Mischief: A Samantha Classic Volume 1

by Susan Adler and Maxine Rose Shur
PB 9781609584108 $9.99
NEW! The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha

by Erin Falligant
PB 9781609584160 $9.99
Nellie’s Promise
by Valerie Tripp
illustrated by Dan Andreasen
PB 9781584858904 $6.95
The Cry of the Loon: A Samantha Mystery

by Barbara Steiner illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles
PB 9781593694807 $6.95
The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery
by Sarah Masters Buckey
illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles
PB 9781593690991 $6.95
NEW! Lost and Found: A Samantha Classic Volume 2
by Valerie Tripp

PB 9781609584115 $9.99
NEW! Samantha 3-Book Boxed Set

by Valerie Tripp, Erin Falligant, Susan Adler, and Maxine Rose Shur
PB 9781609585068 $29.95
Clue in the Castle Tower: A Samantha Mystery
by Sarah Masters Buckey

PB 9781593697525 $6.95
The Curse Of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery
by Sarah Masters Buckey
illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles
PB 9781584859871 $6.95