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Rebecca Rubin—Stories from America's Great Immigration

Rebecca is a girl growing up in New York City in 1914, who celebrates treasured traditions passed down through her Russian-Jewish family. But Rebecca is also excited by the modern ideas and opportunities of America—some of which her family doesn't like very much. With a little creativity, Rebecca learns how to stay true to her heart and her heritage as she follows her dreams in the big city.
NEW! The Sound of Applause: A Rebecca Classic Volume 1
by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

PB 9781609584535 $9.99
NEW! The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca
by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

PB 9781609584566 $9.99
A Growing Suspicion: A Rebecca Mystery

PB 9781609583606 $6.95
The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery
by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

PB 9781593699499 $6.95
NEW! Lights, Camera, Rebecca!: A Rebecca Classic Volume 2
by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

PB 9781609584542 $9.99
NEW! Rebecca 3-Book Boxed Set
by Jacqueline Dembar Greene

PB 9781609585051 $29.95
A Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery
by Kathryn Reiss

PB 9781593697549 $6.95
Secret at Camp Nokomis, spread Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery
by Jacqueline Dembar Greene
illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles
PB 9781593696573 $6.95