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Josefina - Stories from American's Southwest Frontier

Josefina Montoya—Stories from America’s Southwest Frontier

Josefina is a hopeful, caring, faithful girl. She is growing up in 1824 New Mexico, a place of sweeping big skies and hard work, danger, and dreams. In Josefina’s stories, she and her family watch their old ways cross paths with the new as americano traders arrive from the east. Josefina is lucky to have her family and faith to guide her through all the changes in her life!
Sunlight and Shadows: A Josefina Classic Volume 1
by Valerie Tripp

PB 9781609585525 $9.99
New! Song of the Mockingbird: My Journey with Josefina

By Emma Carlson Berne
PB 9781609589882 $9.99
Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery (Revised)
by Kathleen Ernst

PB 9781609589097 $9.99
Second Chances: A Josefina Classic Volume 2
by Valerie Tripp

PB 9781609585549 $9.99
New! Josefina 3-Book Boxed Set

By Emma Carlson Berne & Valerie Tripp
PB 9781609589899 $29.95
New! Josefina Mini Doll

TY 9781609589639 $24.99