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Marie-Grace and Cécile—Stories of Friendship in 1853 New Orleans

Shy but caring Marie-Grace Gardner™ has just moved back to New Orleans with her father. Cécile Rey™ is a bold, confident girl from a well-to-do family who has always called the vibrant city home. Although they come from two different worlds, the girls forge a lasting friendship and discover a shared sense of adventure. When a yellow fever epidemic strikes New Orleans, Cécile and Marie-Grace depend upon each other to face the worst of times together.
New! Meet Marie-Grace - Book 1 Meet Marie-Grace - Book 1
by Sarah Masters Buckey

PB 9781593696528 $6.95
New! Marie-Grace and the Orphans - Book 3 Marie-Grace and the Orphans - Book 3
by Sarah Masters Buckey

PB 9781593696542 $6.95
New! Marie-Grace Makes a Difference- Book5 Marie-Grace Makes a Difference - Book 5
by Sarah Masters Buckey

PB 9781593696566 $6.95
New! Cecile and Marie-Grace Boxed Set with Game PB Cécile & Marie-Grace Boxed Set with Game PB

by Sarah Masters Buckey / Denise Lewis Patrick
PB 9781593697105 $39.95
The Cameo Necklace: A Cécile Mystery
by Evelyn Coleman

PB 9781593699000 $6.95
New! Meet Cecile - Book 2 Meet Cécile - Book 2
by Denise Lewis Patrick

PB 9781593696610 $6.95
New! Troubles for Cecile - Book 4 Troubles for Cécile - Book 4
by Denise Lewis Patrick

PB 9781593696634 $6.95
New! Cecile's Gift - Book 6 Cécile's Gift - Book 6
by Denise Lewis Patrick

PB 9781593696658 $6.95
The Haunted Opera
by Sarah Masters Buckey

PB 9781609580865 $6.95
The Hidden Gold: A Marie-Grace Mystery
by Sarah Masters Buckey

PB 9781593699024 $6.95