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Julie Albright—Stories from the '70s

Julie doesn’t want to move away from her San Francisco neighborhood near Chinatown, even if her new home is just a few miles away. Moving means leaving her best friend, Ivy, and her pet rabbit, Nutmeg. Worst of all, it means leaving Dad, now that her parents are divorced. It’s the mid-1970s and lots of things are changing: Julie’s teacher wants to be called “Ms.” Mom works full-time now, running her own store. America is trying to switch to the metric system, and school sports teams sometimes include a new kind of player—girls! While change can be hard to accept, Julie realizes that when it’s important—when a friend is in trouble, an animal is endangered, or a rule needs to be rewritten—it’s time to make the change happen yourself.
The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery
by Kathryn Reiss
illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles
PB 9781593694760 $6.95
The Big Break: A Julie Classic Volume 1
by Megan McDonald

PB 9781609584511 $9.99
A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie
by Megan McDonald

PB 9781609584559 $9.99
The Silver Guitar: A Julie Mystery
by Kathryn Reiss

PB 9781593697563 $6.95
Soaring High: A Julie Classic Volume 2
by Megan McDonald

PB 9781609584528 $9.99
The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery (Revised)
by Kathryn Reiss

PB 1609589114 $9.99