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Kathryn Reiss

As a girl, Kathryn Reiss loved poking around in her grand-mother’s attic, finding books, photographs, and toys from past generations. She enjoyed hearing about her grandparents’ childhood adventures and loved reading stories set in the early twentieth century. She always loved reading mysteries and started writing them herself because nothing mysterious, eerie, or criminal ever seemed to be happening in her own neighborhood! Ms. Reiss wrote four American Girl® Mysteries: The Tangled Web, The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter, A Bundle of Trouble, and The Silver Guitar. Ms. Reiss’s previous novels of suspense have won many awards. She lives with her husband and their five nearly grown children in northern California, where she teaches creative writing at Mills College. She loves to travel with her family and have afternoon tea in her garden with friends—and she is always hard at work on a new story.