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Judy Woodburn

A former editorial director for American Girl, Judy Woodburn has been producing books for girls for most of her career. While she was editor of American Girl magazine, she contributed to the “Help!" advice column and led the development of American Girl's first editorial website, where girls can give each other great advice, too. Outside of American Girl, Judy has written many print and interactive books about science, psychology, and other nonfiction topics for educational publishers. Her articles and essays for adult readers about medicine, psychology, and parenting have been published in the New York Times, Brain Child, and elsewhere. She loves to read, play the piano, ride her bike, and travel with her family. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Worry is her first American Girl book as an author, written with Nancy Holyoke.
[Judy's books: A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry, plus she’s writing a 2017 title in the Care & Keeping line]