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New! Dream It, Do It!

By Emma MacLaren Henke
PB 9781609589844 $10.99
Brain Benders

by Darcie Johnston
SP 9781609584757 $10.99
The Awesomest, Randomest Book Ever

by Mary Richards Beaumont
SP 9781609584597 $9.99
Tear Up This Book! Tear Up This Book!

by Keri Smith
PB 9781584859772 $10.95
This or That? Quiz Book
by Emma MacLaren Henke

PB 9781609580452 $9.99
Which ___ Are You? Quiz Book
by Aubre Andrus

PB 9781609581992 $9.99
Just Mom and Me
edited by Erin Falligant
illustrated by Stacy Peterson
PB 9781593693404 $10.95
Bits of Glitz

edited by Erin Falligant and Trula Magruder
KT 9781609584733 $24.99
Design by Me: Big & Tiny

edited by Darcie Johnston
SP 9781609584740 $14.95
New! Design By Me: Tropical Design By Me: Tropical

edited by Trula Magruder
PB 9781593698713 $14.95
Mini Mysteries (Revised)
by Rick Walton

PB 1609589084 $10.99
Puzzle Palooza

by Trula Magruder
SP 9781609584726 $10.99
New! Lists Lists! A Year of Stuff About Me

edited by Mary Richards Beaumont
PB 9781593699031 $10.95
Oodles of Horses, spread Oodles of Horses

edited by Trula Magruder
PB 9781593696726 $12.95
Personality Patterns Quiz Book

by Alice Oglethorpe
PB 9781609581879 $9.99
Bored No More! Quiz Book
by Aubre Andrus

PB 9781609580391 $9.99
Just Dad and Me, spread Just Dad and Me
edited by Erin Falligant
illustrated by Stacy Peterson
PB 9781593696696 $10.95
Pretty in Paper
by Aubre Andrus

KT 9781609584085 $24.99
Design by Me: Treats

edited by Carrie Anton
PB 9781609581862 $14.99
New! Design By Me: Wings Design By Me: Wings

edited by Trula Magruder
PB 9781593698973 $14.95