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Dr. Lynda Madison

Dr. Lynda Madison is the author of The Feelings Book and is a coauthor of What I Wish You Knew. A licensed psychologist and the director of family support and psychological services at Children’s Hospital in Omaha‚ Nebraska‚ Madison is also the author of Parenting with Purpose and Keep Talking: A Mother-Daughter Guide to the Preteen Years. She lives in Omaha.


What I Wish You Knew

2001 Parent’s Guide Award
The Feelings Book (Revised)
by Dr. Lynda Madison

PB 9781609581831 $9.99
The Care and Keeping of You Collection (Revised)
by Dr. Cara Natterson/ Dr. Lynda Madison/ Valorie Shaefer

KT 9781609581855 $37.99
The Feelings Book Journal (Revised)
by Dr. Lynda Madison

PB 9781609581848 $8.99