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NEW! Making Money

PB 9781609584054 $9.99
NEW! Super Sitter's Playbook

PB 9781609584047 $9.99
NEW! Locker Looks and Study Nooks

PB 9781609583958 $9.99
The Care & Keeping of You 2 Journal

edited by Carrie Anton
PB 9781609581084 $8.99
A Smart Girl's Guide: Friendship Troubles (Revised)
by Patti Kelley Criswell

PB 9781609582234 $12.99
A Smart Girl's Guide: Manners (Revised)
by Nancy Holyoke

PB 9781609581893 $12.99
The Care and Keeping of You 2
by Dr. Cara Natterson

PB 9781609580421 $12.99
The Care and Keeping of You Journal (Revised)

by Carrie Anton
PB 9781609581657 $8.99
The Feelings Book (Revised)
by Dr. Lynda Madison

PB 9781609581831 $9.99
Clutter Control
edited by Erin Falligant
illustrated by Tracy McGuinness
PB 9781593693411 $8.95
Hair: Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls Hair: Styling Tips And Tricks For Girls

by American Girl Editors
PB 9781584850380 $8.95
Oh, Brother...Oh, Sister

illustrated by Laura Cornell by Brooks Whitney
PB 9781593694197 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet

by Sharon Cindrich
PB 9781593695996 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to Liking Herself—Even on the Bad Days

by Dr. Laurie Zelinger
PB 9781593699437 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to Staying Home Alone

by Dottie Raymer illustrated by Lauren Scheuer
PB 9781693694876 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to Style, spread A Smart Girl's Guide to Style

illustrated by Shannon Laskey by Sharon Cindrich
PB 978-1-59369-648-1 $9.95
Spa Fun
by Erin Falligant

PB 9781593695972 $8.95
New! Stand Up for Yourself Journal Stand Up for Yourself Journal
edited by Erin Falligant

PB 9781593699109 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide: Money

PB 9781609584078 $12.99
A Smart Girl's Guide: Babysitting

PB 9781609583934 $12.99
A Smart Girl's Guide: Middle School

PB 9781609584061 $12.99
A Smart Girl's Guide: Boys (Revised)
by Nancy Holyoke

PB 9781609581886 $12.99
Friends Till the End?
by Emma MacLaren Henke

PB 9781609582258 $9.99
Express Yourself!
by Emma MacLaren Henke

PB 9781609581145 $9.99
The Care and Keeping of You (Revised)
by Valorie Schaefer

PB 9781609580834 $12.99
The Care and Keeping of You Collection (Revised)
by Dr. Cara Natterson/ Dr. Lynda Madison/ Valorie Shaefer

KT 9781609581855 $37.99
The Feelings Book Journal (Revised)
by Dr. Lynda Madison

PB 9781609581848 $8.99
Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them
by Patti Kelly Criswell
illustrated by Stacy Peterson
PB 9781593691547 $9.95
Is this Normal?

edited by Erin Falligant & Michelle Watkins illustrated by Norm Bendell
PB 9781593694838 $8.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to her Parents' Divorce

by Nancy Holyoke illustrated by Scott Nash
PB 9781593694883 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to Knowing What to Say
by Patti Kelley Criswell

PB 9781593697723 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School A Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School

by Julie Williams illustrated by Angela Martini
PB 9781584858775 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide To Sticky Situations
From the editors of American Girl
illustrated by Bonnie Timmons
PB 9781584855309 $9.95
A Smart Girl's Guide to Understanding Her Family

by Amy Lynch
PB 9781593696177 $9.95
Stand up For Yourself and Your Friends
by Patti Kelly Criswell
illustrated by Angela Martini
PB 9781593694821 $9.95
What Would You Do?
by Patti Kelley Criswell
illustrated by Norm Bendell
PB 9781584858744 $8.95